1 Months Pregnancy

Babies... Don’t you think they are cute? You may be thinking it is the time to have a baby. Pregnancy is a process of approximately 40 weeks. Each pregnancy has a different story, therefore, this process may be shorter in some women up to 36 weeks while it may take more than 40 weeks for others. While some women may experience a hard pregnancy, others may have an easy one.

Make a doctor’s appointment and take the necessary tests with your partner. Make sure that your health condition is suitable for conception. Consult to your doctor if you are using prescribed drugs and let your doctor know about your chronic or genetic disorders. Make an appointment with a dietitian and learn about your weight and nutritional needs during pregnancy. Make an appointment with a dentist and learn if you have dental problems and get informed about dental care during pregnancy. As you will not be able to have an X-ray in pregnancy, ensure that you have completed all your ongoing treatments. If you are consuming alcohol or tobacco, then give up on this consumption. Do not smoke and avoid environments where smokers are allowed. Restrict your tea and/or coffee consumption; do not go overboard. Avoid stress. Take care of your mental health not only during pregnancy, but also in your life in general.

Mark your period on a calendar. If your period is regular and you have a menstrual cycle of 28 days, then, the best time for ovulation will be between the 14th and 18th days. Unprotected sexual intercourse during this period will increase your chances of getting pregnant. The first day of your previous period is also considered the first day of the pregnancy when creating a pregnancy calendar. Therefore, impregnation is not possible in the first 2 weeks and we cannot talk about conception. Yet, you can obtain a positive result from the tests performed after the 4th and 5th weeks of pregnancy.

Impregnation occurs during the 3rd week of your pregnancy. Zygote goes through a mitosis process and moves towards uterus and builds up a small mass of cells called morula. With the continued mitosis of morula, blastocyst is formed and your baby starts to implant itself to the inner wall of the uterus Your baby takes its first form and development of the organs starts.

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