2 Months Pregnancy


Fetus development is in its initial phase in this month. Amniotic sac which will be filled with amniotic fluid starts to form. It is not possible for a baby to develop in the womb without amniotic fluid. Nevertheless, placenta which produces hormones and provides nutrients to the fetus starts to develop.

Placenta is the structure which allows for the exchange of nutrients, gas and other materials between mother and the baby. Placenta chooses the nutrients and oxygen levels necessary for the tissue formation and transfers such materials to the baby while eliminating the waste materials.

Your baby is an embryo in this period. This is an important time for the development of embryo. The first brain parts, eyes and organ buds are formed in this period. It is possible to observe convulsions of the hearth through ultrasound. Your baby’s eyes and nostrils start to form. Its appendix and intestines also develop. Pancreas which produces the insulin hormone starts forming in this period. Moreover, your baby’s eyelid folds, nostrils and ears start to take shape. Its arms and legs get longer and its elbows are formed.


You may be emotional and absent-minded. You may experience soreness around groin and lower back and your breasts may become sensitive. Morning sickness may start. You may feel tired, weak or sleep-deprived.

No significant changes will happen in your appearance. However, you may experience discomforts such as heartburn, nausea, vomiting, weakness, constipation, increased need to urinate, etc. Do not worry, these are all normal during pregnancy.

One cannot tell if you are pregnant in this period just looking at you. This is because the changes in the mother occur slowly. It is normal if you have lost weight due to nausea. In the weeks to come the nausea will stop and you will feel much better. Before you were conceived, the size of your womb was almost the size of your fist. Now, it is the size of a big orange. As the weeks pass your womb will get larger and you will experience cramps in your groin and abdomen and some soreness. You may have acne on your face and body; do not worry as they are temporary. If you lose a couple of kilograms during this period, do not contemplate on why you are not gaining weight, after the morning sickness stops you will be able to eat and gain weight.

If you have heartburn and it is getting more intense, you may ask your doctor to prescribe a drug. If you experience intense heartburn at midnight it may be hard to find the proper drug at the pharmacy. Therefore, be prepared if you are experiencing increasing heartburn. Drugs may not work properly for some mothers. And your options are limited as you are pregnant. If you find yourself in a hopeless situation then have some ice cream or cold water and try to sleep in a position where your head and upper body slightly upright. Having consulted your doctor, you may try to drink a bit of thyme tea. However, remember that herbal teas are not recommended during pregnancy. In addition, roasted chickpeas may relieve the heartburn. But, after trying all these recommendations, your heartburn may still insist. And this is the hard part of being a mother.


Do not delay your doctor consultations during pregnancy. If you are not fully satisfied with your doctor, then try to find a doctor who you believe would better understand you. Your relationship with your doctor, the trust you put in them is important for you during pregnancy.

Smoking while pregnant may have adverse effects on the baby. You will even need to avoid smokers and smoking areas in this period. Smoking may cause several problems such as miscarriage, stillbirth, lower birth weight, lower intelligence level, or hyperactivity. If you are a smoker and cannot quit, make sure that you seek help from your doctor.

Healthy diet is of utmost importance during pregnancy. You will need to gain weight gradually in this period. You may eat for two as you are pregnant, but this doesn’t mean you should eat twice as much. If you do not want to put on excessive weight during pregnancy, you will need to stay away from junk food

Use of drugs must be considered with care. Specialists do not recommend any drug use during pregnancy if it is not a necessity. Do not self-medicate and stick with the drugs your doctor prescribes. Nausea and vomiting is normal during these weeks. It may insist until the 13th week. In order to relieve the nausea, try to eat often and in small portions. Toasted bread, salty pretzels, non-fat food or lemon may help. You need to consult your doctor if your nausea, vomiting is above average.

Do not hesitate to call your doctor for any questions in your mind. Your doctor’s answer will bring peace of mind. You will need to be selective in what you eat during pregnancy. You shouldn’t go for whatever you want. It is necessary to consume sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals during this period. It is important to consume food especially rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, folic acid and zinc. Your need for iron during pregnancy will be increased. You may satisfy this need consuming raisin, fish, egg yolk or vegetables with dark green leaves.

Some herbal teas may lead to miscarriage as they increase groin spasm. If you consume excessive amounts of herbal tea, then make sure you mention about it to your doctor. It is very important to consume milk and dairy products during pregnancy. As milk and dairy products offer the calcium you and your baby needs. These products also include vitamin D which helps calcium absorption. Calcium, while helping your baby to develop strong bones and teeth, it also helps you to maintain your bone health.

Make sure that your hands are clean at all times. Wash your hands thoroughly especially when you touch raw meat and after relieving yourself. Such care will prevent the spread of any bacteria or viruses which may cause infection.

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