3 Months Pregnancy


Your baby grows rather fast. Your baby’s head stands in a more upright position and its neck is developed. Your baby is still very small but it looks more like a human now. It is hard to tell the gender as genitals of baby boys and girls look similar in these weeks.

Try to avoid stress as it may have negative effects on your baby’s development.

Amniotic fluid level is increased. The total volume of this fluid has reached approximately 50ml.


You may have put on some weight. The volume of blood in your body has increased by 50% when compared to its level before conception. Nausea may still insist. The number of days when you feel emotional is increased.

Changes are still at a slow pace. You may have many questions in mind. What will change in your body? How big your belly will be? Is my husband finding me attractive as he used to? What should I wear? Do not worry, your husband will find you attractive, plus these days it is really easy to find beautiful maternity clothes.

While the changes in your baby are fast and significant, the changes in you are rather slow. Some women claim that their baby moves in this period, but this is not possible. Your hair and nails may grow faster or you may start losing hair. Do not worry, these are all due to hormonal changes. You now have a small baby bump. But you can still wear your cloths. Your breasts will go on growing too. Brown lines may start to form around your abdomen. These lines may form later in others. It will disappear after birth, so do not worry.


There is a common belief that one shouldn’t cut her hair during pregnancy. This is a total superstition. Hair dyes are harmful as they consist of chemicals. Vitamin C is of utmost importance during pregnancy. Vitamin C protects you from diseases while increasing the iron absorption.

The research on the harm of the use of microwave oven is still limited. Please keep off the microwave oven when it is running.

Sufficient protein consumption during pregnancy provides the amino acids which are important for the fetus, womb and placenta. It is beneficial to regularly consume protein-rich foods such as chickpeas, cheese, yogurt, meat and eggs. High-carb foods are also important during pregnancy. They offer a good energy source for your baby while ensuring the proteins are used efficiently in your body. Pasta, cereals and bread offer high amounts of carbohydrates.

Travelling during pregnancy is not at all inconvenient in a healthy pregnancy. You may consult your doctor and travel upon his/her confirmation. If you are travelling on land, then, it is important to take breaks every hour for you to take a short walk.

If you have diarrhea and if it insists more than 24 hours, make sure that you consult to your doctor.

It is not a good thing to gain too much weight during pregnancy. This will be disturbing for you in the last months and will make it harder to deliver the baby. Stay away from any food which does not offer you or your baby any nutrition. Try not to eat before going to bed as it may lead to heartburn or indigestion.

You may suffer from constipation during pregnancy. Even if you do not change your diet when you get pregnant, this problem may arise due to the pregnancy itself. Do not forget to drink water in order to avoid constipation. You will need to stay away from items such as coffee, coke, and banana. You need to consume fruits and vegetables. While eating, try to take enough time to chew and keep your meals on a regular basis. There are also herbal teas helping with constipation, but as it was mentioned before you will need to consult your doctor before drinking herbal tea during pregnancy.

Yogurt is also good for digestion. It will be healthier if you were able to make yogurt using daily milk at home. If you do not know how to make yogurt, you may consider buying a yogurt maker.

Regular daily walks help with boosting your metabolism and prevents you to gain too much weight. If you are still experiencing constipation problems after taking these measures, you should consult your doctor. There are commercially available constipation relieve remedies for pregnancy which are really effective.

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