4 Months Pregnancy


Your baby’s eye are now much closer to each other. And your baby’s ears have taken their normal place at the sides of the head.

Your baby’s neck goes on growing and getting longer, and it does not rest its chin against its body anymore.

Your baby’s skin is now thinner and fine white hair, called lanugo, covers all over your baby’s body.

Your baby’s bones are getting stronger and storing calcium rapidly.

Your baby’s fingers and fingernails are now formed.


Now, your waist is getting bigger and you will not feel comfortable wearing your old cloths. And now is also the time to take measures against skin cracks and white lines. Moisturize your abdomen, hips and breasts using a moisturizer every morning and evening. Consume a lot of water and try not to gain too much weight. You may need to wear maternity clothes from now on. It will be harder to button your trousers from now on. Your baby bump will be showing more in the weeks to come.

You may suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy; the reason behind it is the growing womb and the reduced blood flow around the pelvis area. Try to avoid constipation consuming fibrous food and drinking a lot of water. You no longer have a flat tummy. Your tummy will not show if you wear baggy clothes but it will be easily understood that you are pregnant when you wear a tight dress.

Nausea is now relieved and your appetite is good. At the end of this month you will be able to feel the movements of your baby gradually. And do not be sad if you cannot. You will definitely feel small movements in the weeks to come.


Do not forget to wear your seatbelt when you are pregnant. Many pregnant women do not want to wear a seatbelt as it is annoying, yet it is important for both your and your baby’s health. Excessive consumption of caffeine is harmful for pregnant women. It leads to lower birth weight in babies as caffeine reaches out to the baby through placenta which then degrades the calcium metabolism. As caffeine is also mixed in the breast milk, it may lead to crankiness and sleeplessness in the baby.

Dental care is utmost importance during pregnancy. Do not hesitate to see your dentist in case of any complaint. If your teeth need operating, then delay it until the end of the 12th week and remember to tell your dentist that you are pregnant. Diet is very important during pregnancy. Excessive weight gain may lead to diabetes, varicosis, lower back pain and weakness in the mother-to-be. In order to minimize the incidence of such problems, it is important not to exceed the weight determined by your doctor.

From this month on you will need to be mindful of your sleeping position. Now, lying face down or lying on your back is not advised for you and your baby. As lying on your back applies pressure on important blood vessels, it may reduce the blood feed to the baby and blood circulation of your body. Lying face down, on the other hand, is not advised as it will pressurize the growing womb.

Eating a lot while pregnant does not mean that your baby will better grow and gain weight. It is possible to maintain your diet before conception adding only 300 calories to it and provide the nutrition your baby needs.

You may feel nauseous after eating the food you once liked when you are pregnant. We advise you to consume such food after delivery. Pregnant women often feel hungry. Remember to prepare refreshments between main meals in a day. Doing this will both be nutritive and will prevent you from gaining too much weight.

Pregnancy abdomen cracks are the problem of many mothers. Some mothers-to-be do not have any abdomen cracks even though they did not use any creams, while others have abdomen cracks even though they used creams.

Pregnancy abdomen cracks may even form overnight. It is partly genetic and partly due to the weight gain. If you weren’t pregnant and if you gained 10 kilograms in a month, it is likely that you would have cracks. One of the main reasons behind this problem is rapid weight gain. Talk to your doctor about how many kilograms you need to gain. If you gain more than this, then even the most expensive cream may not save you from cracks. Remember that creams are just aids.

Let’s say a mother gains 10 kg and another mother gains 30 kg during pregnancy when they were both at the same weight and height before conception. The excessive weight doesn’t go to the baby, but goes to the mother. Gaining too much weight does not mean that your baby will better develop. The important thing is to consume the nutrition your baby needs. Excessive weight may translate into health issues, abdomen cracks and hard labor. If you want to prevent cracks, then you should try not to gain more than the ideal weight under the supervision of your doctor. In addition, you need to use a moisturizer starting from 4th month. If you have a bigger budget you may go for expensive creams. But, if your budget is limited, then you may ask your doctor to recommend a cream with a reasonable price. Do not think that cheaper product won’t work, the purpose here is to prevent the abdominal area from drying and to moisturize it. Under the supervision of your doctor, you may apply the cream every morning and evening. You may also experience some degree of itchiness due to abdominal strain. Try not to scratch as much as possible. If you scratch it, then the number of cracks will increase. If you follow these recommendations, you will better protect yourself from cracks.

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