5 Months Pregnancy


Adipose tissue starts to form in your baby in this month. Many mothers will feel the movements of their baby in this period.

Your baby will be about the size of your hand in this month.

Your baby’s growth is now slower when compared to the previous months. Once softer, its bones start to harden. Your baby’s heart now has the resemblance of four chambers of the heart and its heart rate is twice as much as an adult.

Your baby’s hair starts to grow. The fat necessary for heat adjustment after birth starts to accumulate in your baby. Your baby’s kidneys produce urine. Your baby may also suck his/her finger now.

All five sense organs now start to develop.

Many have heard the term, meconium. Well, for those who are curious about its meaning, let us explain. Meconium is a waste consisting of amniotic fluid and the intestinal secretions of your baby. Meconium does not include any bacteria or microbes. It may have a greenish-black or light brown color. Before labor, if the baby relieves itself in the womb and if the intestinal secretion mixes in the amniotic fluid, then the baby may swallow that secretion along with the amniotic fluid. This is an unwanted situation.


Your baby bump is showing now. You may wear maternity clothing for the comfort they offer. You may have gained 3 or 4 kg in total. If you are feeling the movements of your baby, it will ease your worries.

Your womb is now at the size of a medium size melon. Your baby bump is more obvious now. You may experience lower back pain or groin pain. Resting in a position your legs are extended may relieve the pain. If you have constant pain, the make sure that you report it to your doctor.

As your abdomen grows, your belly button will go flat and lower back pain will increase. You may experience heartburn due to the pressure of your growing womb upon your stomach. In order to ease this kind of disturbance, you may choose to eat often in small portions and to assume a sleeping position where your upper body is elevated.

This month, your nipples may get bigger and areolas may become larger. This is very normal and it will assume its previous shape and color in a while after birth.

In this period, a vertical brown line, linea nigra, may form on your abdomen and it will disappear in a while after birth.

You may experience swollen ankles and feet. Try not to stand up too much.


You are half way there to delivery now. If you have cramps on your legs, make sure that you report it to your doctor. Your doctor will apply the necessary treatment. Some women gain an aversion to meat during pregnancy. Meat is an important protein source. If you are not able to consume meat, then you will need to consume nutrition which will meet the energy needs of you and your baby.

Make sure that you do pregnancy exercises. Do not push yourself too hard when doing these exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to ease the labor.

Iron supplementation is important during pregnancy. Consumption of iron supplements with orange juice increases the absorption of iron. Do not consume milk, dairy products, coffee and tea for a couple of hours after you take iron supplement. It is important to consume iron through diet and not only using pills. You will need to consume iron-rich foods such as chicken, red meat, egg yolk, spinach, etc.

There are some points to be mindful of when taking a bath during pregnancy. It is important that the water is not too hot, the floor is not slippery and that there is always someone at home when you are taking a bath. When it comes to food, as your heartburn is likely to increase in this period, you should eat often in small portions. You must avoid spicy foods.

We have mentioned in the details for the 2nd month, but it would be good to address heartburn here again.
If you have heartburn and it is getting more intense, you may ask your doctor to prescribe a drug. If you experience intense heartburn at midnight it may be hard to find the proper drug at the pharmacy. Therefore, be prepared if you are experiencing increasing heartburn.
Drugs may not work properly for some mothers. And your options are limited as you are pregnant.

If you find yourself in a hopeless situation then have some ice cream or cold water and try to sleep in a position where your head and upper body slightly upright. Having consulted your doctor, you may try to drink a bit of thyme tea.
However, remember that herbal teas are not recommended during pregnancy. In addition, roasted chickpeas may relieve the heartburn. But, after trying all these recommendations, your heartburn may still insist. And this is the hard part of being a mother.

Do not forget to drink sufficient amount of water. If varicose veins start to be visible, then you may start wearing compression stockings for varicose veins, having consulted your doctor. You may find the compression stockings for your size at medical stores or you may order online taking your measures using your weight and height information.

If your doctor does not recommend high-compression stockings, then do not go for high-compression stockings thinking it would work better. It may be hard to put on high-compression stockings and it may be overwhelming to use them. You may end up purchasing them but not being able to use them. Try medium-compression stockings, if you don’t experience any problems with medium-compression stockings, then you may go for high-compression stockings. There are two types of stockings: panty-hose and knee high socks. The panty-hose type might be overwhelming around your hip area if it doesn’t fit your height. You need to keep this in mind. If the stockings does not fit, you should return it. Try to purchase stockings that fits and you would be comfortable wearing at all times.

Think of two stocking brands, both offering same model and medium-compression. However, one is overwhelming you and the other is more comfortable. In other words, there is almost no standard in this field. Try to find the best fit trying the available options. Varicose veins may first increase in number as capillary vessels. You may be aware and take measures regularly inspecting your body. Gaining weight rapidly is again plays a role in the increasing number of varicose veins.

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