6 Months Pregnancy


Your baby’s digestion system is functional now. At the 21st week of pregnancy babies may swallow the amniotic fluid. But, why do they swallow it? The researchers believe that the swallowing of amniotic fluid contributes to the development of the digestive system.

Your baby’s fingernails, eyelashes, brows, eyelids develop in this period. In this month, your baby reaches to that point to blink even though his/her eyes are closed. And he/she is able to hear. Many mothers play music to their babies. You can also try.

Your baby, even though you do not feel it, gains weight every other day. Lugano hair assumes a darker color in this period. Your baby now looks more like a newborn.

Your baby is in a protected position in the fluid against external shocks. Many mothers panic after slight bumps, worrying if something happened to their baby, yet, the baby is usually not affected by these small bumps.

The amniotic fluid your baby is in regulates the body temperature of your baby and offers tyour baby the flexibility to move easily. If the level of amniotic fluid is reduced, it may have negative effects on the development of the baby.


You may experience leg swelling. If you are on foot for extended periods of time, resting with your legs extended during the day will help to minimize leg swelling.

Now you are feeling fully pregnant. When people look at you, they will know that you are pregnant.

As the volume of blood increases during pregnancy, you will need to consume a lot of fluids. If your urine has a clear color, this tells you that you are consuming sufficient amount of fluids.

You may experience gingival bleeding or gingival problems in this period. It is beneficial to consult a dentist if this is the case. You may also experience nasal congestion or nasal bleeding. Nasal and gingival bleeding may result from the hormonal changes happening in your body.

Some mothers-to-be fell depressive in this period. Among the symptoms of depression are; irregular sleep pattern, problems about focusing, feeling unhappy without a cause, etc. You should consult your doctor if this mood insists.


Many women have cravings during pregnancy. If the food you are craving is high in calories, you may try to cheat the craving by having just a small bite. Otherwise, if you eat whatever you crave you will gain weight rapidly and you will need to face the consequences.

Try to avoid caffeinated drinks. Remember to consume sufficient amount of water in order to meet the fluid needs of your body. Do not satiate your thirst with tea, coffee, and acidic drinks. You and your baby need water.

Gestational diabetes, high blood sugar levels during pregnancy, may occur in some mothers-to-be. Even though you are without diabetes, it may occur during pregnancy. Symptoms of gestational diabetes are increased need to urinate, weight loss, dizziness, blurry vision and increased hunger. Moreover, you will need blood test for accurate diagnosis.

During pregnancy, you need to be careful when dining out. We recommend you not to consume foods which may go off easily such as meat and fish in restaurants due to the food poisoning risk. Or, at least be selective about your choice of restaurants to dine.

You must avoid stress during pregnancy. In order to reduce stress take your sleep, try to take regular walks and consume healthy food.

People around you may make different comments about your weight. Try not to be put down by these comments. Remember, your baby may be affected when your mood is down. Try to keep your spirits high and stay away from stress. Only listen to what your doctor says about your weight. Your doctor may make comments about your weight in each consultation. If your doctor tells you that this is the ideal weight, do not mind what others say. If your doctor tells you that your weight is more than it should be, and people around you tell you that it is normal, do not listen to those around you just to feel relieved. If you follow the recommendations of your doctor, you will avoid many problems before even they arise. Therefore, you need to trust your doctor.

If you don’t trust your doctor and don’t feel comfortable around your doctor, try to find another doctor who can better understand you and make you feel more comfortable. Listen what your doctor says, not what others say. Of course, you can ask for a second opinion of other specialists in critical decisions.

And this recommendation is for those who like high-heels. If you like wearing high-heels, now it is time to give up on them and try flats.

If you have complaints about cramps and if your doctor recommends, do not delay magnesium supplementation.

You may have complaints such as lower back pain and heartburn, as your little one grows.

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