7 Months Pregnancy


This month is a milestone. If your baby is born prematurely, now the chances of survival are increased. If you make a brief inquiry online, you will see that 25 weeks old baby can hold on to life.

Your baby sleeps and wakes up in a regular manner. Sometimes it moves and sometimes it doesn't. He/she is now able to open and close his/her eyes.

At the end of this month, your baby’s kicks may give you pain around your ribs. Your baby is getting stronger. And his/her immune system is developing in order to adapt to outside world. After birth, your baby’s immune system will further strengthened with breast milk.

As your baby grows his/her kicks increase in number and get stronger. From this month on, he/she may even wake you up from your sleep with his/her kicking.

Before this period, babies have a weak outlook, however, from this period on they will have rounder lines and they start to gain weight as their body starts to store fat. The fat they store will help them preserve their body temperature after birth.


During pregnancy mothers-to-be may complain about itchiness. Such itchiness maybe the caused by the effect of the growing womb on skin and muscle strain.

You may start to have respiratory problems as of this month. You may complain about not being able to sleep at night. If you didn’t purchase a maternity pillow, then it is the time for it. It will most likely help you with a better sleep. You may also need to deal with sleep deprivation during day as a result of interrupted night sleep.

Complaints such as lower back pain, cramps, varicose veins, heartburn, unhappiness may increase.


If you lie on your left when you go to bed, this will be the best position for you and your baby. Lying on your left offers the best circulation for your baby and helps reduce the swells in your body.

It is believed that consuming fish contributes to the intelligence of the baby. If you are not able to eat fish, then you may take the omega supplement prescribed by your doctor.

Vitamins you consume during pregnancy are important both for you and your baby. Try to have a variety food in your meals in order to avoid vitamin deficiencies. If your doctor prescribes vitamins, then use them regularly. Do not consume vitamins over the dosages your doctor recommends. Excessive vitamin consumption is harmful to the body. You may find such an explanation in the package inserts of such vitamin pills.

You must monitor the movements of your baby. For example, if your baby moves 10 times today and he/she doesn’t move at all or moves just a little bit the next day, then you must consult to your doctor immediately without waiting for the examination day. People around you may say that your baby now has limited space and that is the reason it doesn’t move, and may make other remarks, but do not listen to them and do not waste time to consult your doctor. If you have waited until late hours at night, still do not leave it to the morning and go see a doctor. Go to the closest health organization even it is late at night, and tell them your baby did not move today and that normally your baby is very active.

If you have no information about preterm labor signs, then it will be wise to learn them. Ask your doctor about this issue.

If you did not complete the baby shopping or if the baby’s room is still not ready, we must remind you that the time is coming. With the time pass, you may find yourself in a position that you cannot walk or even stand up. You may want to avoid going out, too. Therefore, we recommend you to finish all the tasks you have started.

It is a good idea to ask for the opinion of your friends with children about the shopping for baby. Thus, you will avoid buying unnecessary or wrong items.

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