8 Months Pregnancy


Your baby sleeps and wakes up in a regular basis. It is possible for you to know when he/she wakes up. Now you can better distinguish his/her movements. Your baby reacts to the outer world. Sometimes when you hold your belly, your baby may respond with a kick :) His/her complexion gets closer to the color it will take after birth and fat storage continues. His/her brain and lungs keeps developing. Your baby is almost fully developed.


In the 8th month of pregnancy, the pressure your baby applies on you gradually increases as it takes a bigger space. You may have complaints like pain in your ribs and heartburn as your baby applies pressure upwards, on your stomach. It is possible that you won’t have the comfortable sleep at night as it was before. Your babies movements are now limited as he/she doesn’t have much space. However, if he/she doesn’t move at all and the situation makes you concerned, do not hesitate to report this to your doctor.

If you are experiencing problems concerning edema, you will need to consume sufficient amount of water and cut off salt consumption. If you still didn’t consult your doctor about preterm birth, do not forget to have information about preterm birth in your next appointment.

If your baby is born in this month he/she will most likely to be taken to an incubator. Any baby born before the 37th week, i.e. before normal time, is called a premature baby. If you are going to deliver the baby in a private hospital, learn if the hospital has a neonatal intensive care unit. It would also be a good idea to learn the price of incubator per day. Some private hospitals are overcharging for incubator services. Sometimes babies are required to be cared in an incubator for a day while this period may reach up to a month or more in some other cases. If you have a limited budget, it will be best to think ahead for such details.

You shouldn’t stress yourself with the worry of preterm birth. According to the reports, the preterm birth rate in the world is about 10%. And this rate is commonly increased by those countries with underdeveloped medical services and with low standards of living.

Don not get tired, do not be upset, do not consume tobacco or alcohol, and do not skip doctor’s controls. There are treatments to increase the time baby spends in mother’s womb when the preterm labor risk is very high.

Always think about nice things. It is all going to be OK. Not much left until you can hold your baby in your arms :)

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